Following reports of a collision between a car and two pedestrians on Trevor Drive, recently, it is our duty to remind everyone, if they must use a car to get to school, to make sure that they park responsibly.

All schools have issues with parking at drop-off and pick-up times. The roads and pavements around our school and the Infants are very busy and certainly were not designed for the large numbers of people we see each day. Frustratingly, a number of parents, grandparents or guardians each year will continue to choose to park as close as possible to the school gate without any consideration of more sustainable travel or the impact their actions have on the roads and pedestrians outside schools.

To address and target these core offenders, there is a designated Merseyside Police email address for inappropriate parking - If a visitor to the school is parking either blocking the pavement for pedestrians, parking inappropriately or parking on the school zig-zags, individuals can take a photograph clearly showing the vehicle, the offence and the registration number, giving a date and time, and send it to the above email address. If deemed necessary, Merseyside Police will then send a letter to the owner. Repeat offenders may get a visit to their registered address.

Please take care, park responsibly and drive slowly. Remember, we have a bike/scooter storage area to encourage anyone who can walk/cycle or scoot to school.

Sefton Safer Around School