The Forefield Junior School Mission Statement

Forefield Junior School is a PROUD school built on Passion and Respect, where Opportunities can be seized by Unique and Determined learners.

We are passionate about learning in an environment where everyone is empowered to be themselves and to flourish. We respect and value each and every individual and cherish their unique qualities to create a sense of belonging. We are determined to support personal, social and emotional development by encouraging self-belief and providing opportunities for everyone to express themselves and grow in confidence.

By celebrating their diverse contribution to the life of the school and the wider community, each person will be encouraged to build on their foundations, to instil a belief in everyone that they have limitless potential and are always capable of achieving their best - throughout their lives. As a family we share each other's successes and take pride in them.

We will consistently promote the highest of standards in every aspect of school life, provide a vibrant, stimulating curriculum in a safe and happy learning environment, to foster excellent attitudes and behaviour. The inspirational opportunities we provide will fuel a passion for learning and a sense of pride in all we do.

This is what makes us PROUD:

Passion, Respect, Opportunity, Unique, Determined.

Pupil Guarantees

In addition to the curriculum, our Pupil Guarantees aim to ensure that every child finds their passion through:

  • Regular experiences of the Arts - on stage, as an audience and as an artist/musician, enjoying a range of styles and influences;
  • Encountering a variety of sporting activities - competing at individual and team level, and pursuing this interest beyond the school or just for fun;
  • Developing a curiosity about the world around them - through science, nature or learning about other cultures, and discovering a sense of wonder;
  • Making healthy lifestyle choices - knowing how to eat well, exercise and promote their own well-being;
  • Extending their learning through visits and visitors - opening their eyes to the world beyond the school walls, culminating in a residential visit to Ambleside in Year 6.

From each experience, pupils can gain the strength to know that it is OK to be different and to encourage and appreciate the success of their friends.

Pupil Guarantees for each Year Group

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