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February 2019

School Funds
At Forefield we pride ourselves on the range of educational visits, events, clubs and activities we provide each week. We believe that this programme of events has a positive impact on the children and provides enrichment to our curriculum.

Whenever possible, we try to find ‘creative’ ways to provide opportunities whilst keeping costs down. For example, by hosting theatre companies, arts organisations and historical workshops in school, we are able to save on travel costs. Our Christmas and Easter Bingo Evenings raise much needed funds, and the money raised through Year 4 Enterprise Day supports several trips.

We are extremely grateful that, whenever we ask for a voluntary contribution to support additional experiences for pupils, the vast majority of parents do contribute. We hope that you will continue to support us in this way to meet the rising costs of transport and entrance fees. We are committed to providing a range of rich experiences for our pupils, such as those detailed below, but we require your support! Thank you.

Year 6 Victorian Days
Earlier this month, Year 6 travelled back in time to experience a day in the life of a Victorian 10 year-old. They took part in an object lesson (learning lots about potatoes), tried their hand at writing on slates and in copybooks, played with a variety of Victorian toys and games and experienced the discipline of working as a servant: polishing the silver, beating rugs and cleaning up! It was a fantastic experience, brought vividly to life by the Year 6 staff.

They also visited Quarry Bank Mill to learn more about the jobs children were employed to do a hundred years ago. Well done, everybody, for participating in full costume and ensuring that children were ‘seen and not heard’ throughout the day.

Pizza Perfection!
As part of their Design Technology studies, Year 4 visited Pizza Express restaurants in Liverpool to learn how to make a tasty pizza. Our pupils were praised for their excellent behaviour and everyone had a fantastic time. Thank you to the many parent helpers who accompany us on visits – not just this week, but every week.

Calling All Adult Readers!
We are very proud of our school library and we are always thinking of new ways to encourage children to pick up a book. There are themed reading areas all around school, theatre companies performing classic tales, regular author visits, The Book Bus and Readathon! Our next plan is to establish a book-swap library for parents/carers so that the whole family can enjoy a good read. We are looking for donations of suitable reading material – both fiction & non-fiction. Simply drop off your book and we will set up the book borrowing scheme after half-term. Thank you in anticipation of your support.

Half-Term Holidays
School closes for the half-term holiday at 3.30pm on Friday 15th February and re-opens to pupils on Monday 25th February.

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