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December 2017

Christmas is Coming
The weeks leading up to Christmas are always very busy. With so much going on it is important to know when everything is happening, so here is the vital information.

Christmas Music Performance - Children who are learning a musical instrument at school will be performing during morning assembly.

Christmas Bingo - It will be ‘eyes down for a full house’ at 7pm on Thursday 7th December. The event has sold out and we are looking forward to a fantastic evening which will hopefully raise funds to refurbish our school library. Thank you to everyone who has donated prizes.

Christmas Post Box - From Monday 11th December, there will be a Christmas Post Box in the School Library for children to post their Christmas cards. Please ensure that every card has the full name and class written on! Year Six helpers will then sort and deliver the cards to class.

Christmas Production - Members of our Lower Junior Drama Club will give three performances of 'A Dancing Christmas Party' - Monday 11th at 1.15pm for the local community, Tuesday 12th for the whole school during morning assembly, and at 7pm for parents and carers.

Christmas Panto - Manchester Actors Company will be performing ‘Aladdin’ on Thursday 14th December at 9.10am and 10.30am (Oh, yes they will!). We are asking for voluntary donation of £1 towards the cost to be sent in on the day. Thank you.

Christmas Parties - The Year 5/6 Christmas Disco is on Monday 18th and the Year 3/4 Party is on Tuesday 19th December. Children should wear their uniform to school, but they may bring their choice of party clothes in a separate bag so they can change after lunch. Children should also bring their own choice of party food on a paper plate. The plated food should be carefully wrapped in foil or cling film and placed in a suitable ‘named’ carrier bag – clearly labelled to avoid confusion! Any drinks provided should be juice/cordial NOT fizzy pop! Remember: they will have eaten their normal lunch – so party food can be kept to a minimum.

Christmas Jumpers - On the last day of term, Wednesday 20th December, children (and staff!) are invited to wear something festive (jumper, socks, tie, etc.) along with their usual uniform. We are not collecting any money - it is just a bit of fun!

Phew! What a long list. A summary of these events can also be found on the School Diary page.

Photographs of Pupils
With all the festive fun, Mr Marriott is going to be very busy with his camera taking photographs to share with you all in our Photo Gallery.

However, there are still more than forty pupils who have not yet returned their photographic consent forms. Not only does this prevent these children from appearing in any future photographs on the school website, it also means that their parents and carers will not be permitted to take photographs at school events, as they have not signed the agreement.

Please return any outstanding forms to school as soon as possible, so that we may continue to showcase the life and work of our school by sharing our photographs with you. Spare forms are available from the school office. Thank you.

We Have the Technology...
Following on from the success of the online booking system for Parents’ Evening, we are introducing a few more technological innovations.

  • To enhance safety and security, a key-less ‘fob’ entry system has been fitted to all main entrances. The system includes ‘lock-down’ and automatic roll call printing during fire drills.
  • Electronic registers have now replaced the paper based system, saving valuable time in the school office.
  • Wi-Fi has been installed throughout school to extend computing skills.
  • During the Spring term, we will be introducing iPads to support learning and aid teacher assessment.
  • In response to the parent questionnaire we are currently exploring ways to enable parents to pay for school trips and lunch money online.

All of these changes take time and effort, so now would be a good time to say ‘Thank you’ to governors and staff for their support and all the ‘behind the scenes’ planning and organisation. Hopefully, in the coming weeks and months, you will also see the benefits of the changes.

School Absence - First Response Protocols
The introduction of electronic registers has enabled us to respond more promptly to unreported absences, in order to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our pupils. Here are our First Response Protocols:

  • Staff will open the doors at 8.45am, allowing a relaxed entry in readiness to learn.
  • The electronic register will be marked between 8.55am and 9.00am.
  • Any child arriving late, after the doors have closed, will enter via the main office and inform the office staff/Headteacher of their arrival. Lateness will be recorded in the ‘Late Book’ & monitored.
  • If we have not received notification of absence, a text message will be sent asking parents to contact the school, stating the reason for their child’s absence.
  • If there is no response to the text message, a telephone call will be made.
  • By 10.00am, if there is still no contact, the Headteacher/Deputy Headteacher will be informed and action will be taken as deemed appropriate.

It is vital that you inform school at the earliest opportunity with regards to absence. Thank you in anticipation of your support.

Christmas Holidays
School closes for the start of the Christmas Holidays at 2.00pm on Wednesday 20th December. Children return to school on Tuesday 9th January, following a staff INSET Day on the Monday.

We wish all Forefield families and friends a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year for 2018.

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