Maths Links

Times Tables Rock Stars - Are you ready to rock your times tables? Login with your Forefield Junior School username and password to play.

Interactive Resources Online - A huge collection of fantastic Maths games and activities, as regularly used in our Maths lessons, including Ghostblasters, Billy Bug, Power Lines, Stop the Clock, Table Mountain and many more. (Please note: We have purchased a subcription that allows pupils to login to this site from home. Pupils who have forgotten the login details should ask in school.)

ActiveLearn - Log in with your Forefield Junior School username and password to access the Maths activities set for you by your teacher.

Please note: Some activities do not work on iPads.

Maths is Fun - A whole host of puzzles to solve, as well as help with understanding mathematical concepts.

Cool Math 4 Kids - Maths games, puzzles and lessons for primary aged children, with links to resources and ideas for parents, teachers and older children.

NRICH - Developed by Cambridge University, this site offers a range of maths investigations for all ages and abilities. Unlike many other sites featured on this page, most of the activities are not solved by clicking on the screen. Visitors are encouraged to investigate offline and submit their solutions for publication. There is also a forum for mathematical discussions with trained mentors.

Please note: All links to external websites will open in a new browser window. Although we have checked each site for suitability, Forefield Junior School is not responsible for the content hosted on other sites.